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Are you looking to build a better foundation for your canine companion? Have you recently welcomed a puppy or new dog into your home?


At Underdog Academy, we know that incorporating a new furry family member into your home comes with its own set of unique challenges and questions. We also know the best way to prevent future problems is by addressing core essential behaviors now! We can help you address topics such as:

Basic manners and focus training

(Sit, Down, Touch, Go to Place, Stay, Leave It, Recall, etc.)

House training

Crate training

Isolation distress

Puppy basics & socialization

New dog acclimation & coaching

Multi pet home counseling

The dog-child relationship


Poor leash manners

Confidence building

Routine & boundary setting

Providing proper mental enrichment

Exercise outlets and more!


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Initial Consultation:

$160/60-90 minutes

History gathering, behavioral assessment, goal setting, establishing an accessible training plan, recommendations, providing resources, and unlimited email follow up within 2 weeks of initial consult. Training sessions begin virtually and may move to in-person if desired. Sessions can continue on at a discounted rate based on your preference, goals, and needs.


Follow Up Sessions:

 $135/60 minutes (in-person)

 $125/60 minutes (virtual)


Puppy Package

(8 weeks to 18 weeks)

Package Price: $650


Designed to start you off right!

The Puppy Package includes the

Initial Consultation plus 4 discounted follow up sessions.

*Sessions must be used within 4 months of package purchase* 

Perfect for new little ones! This package follows an established curriculum specifically designed to address this critical period of socialization as well as mental and physical development.

While we stay on a guided path including topics such as How Puppies Learn, Foundational Manners and Focus Skills, Potty Training, Leave Alone Training, Mental Enrichment, and Play and Bite Inhibition, we will also incorporate your overall goals for your new pup and address any questions you have along the way!

Add-on Private Puppy Playdates: Bringing the puppy social to the comfort of your own home. We can facilitate one on one confidence building & socialization sessions with one of our own social, playful young dogs. Can depend on play style, personality, and overall energy level of your pup. 

Need more specialized Behavior Modification?

Are you seeing more severe issues in your dog such as excessive fear behavior towards people, dogs, and the environment? Reactivity or barking at stimuli that you cannot redirect? Mouthiness, jumpiness, strength and energy you feel you cannot manage? Check out our Behavior Modification Package to focus in on specific behavioral challenges you are having with your dog. 

Underdog Academy logo.jpg

We Proudly Serve The Underdog

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