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We specialize in training dogs who display challenging behaviors including:

Shy, Fearful, Under Socialized behavior 

We can help your dog:

  • Effectively communicate and be understood

  • Calmly greet or quietly ignore new people

  • Learn to walk confidently on leash

  • Create positive associations with "scary things"


We can help your dog:

  • Walk at any time of day without worry

  • Live peacefully in your home and neighborhood

  • Learn to focus and control impulses

  • Keep calm at the sight of other dogs

Rude, Rowdy, Jumpy, Mouthy behavior

We can help your dog:

  • Engage with appropriate chew items

  • Learn to politely greet you and visitors

  • Find optimal physical and mental outlets

  • Learn to settle and enjoy quiet time


Initial Consultation:

$160/60-90 minutes

Initial Consultation will include:

History gathering, behavioral assessment, goal setting, establishing an accessible training plan, recommendations, providing resources, and unlimited email follow up within 2 weeks of initial consult. Training sessions begin virtually and may move to in-person if desired. Sessions can continue on at a discounted rate based on your preference, goals, and needs.

Follow Up Sessions (in person):

 $135/60 minutes 

Follow Up Sessions (virtual):

 $125/60 minutes

Add-on Private Playdate/Socialization: Bringing the dog social to the comfort of your own home. We can facilitate one on one confidence building and socialization sessions with one of our own social, confident young dogs that can accompany us on an in-person visit(s). $10 per session - available for small to medium dogs depending on social skills, play style, personality, energy level, and overall needs of your dog.

Behavior Modification

Training Package

Initial Consultation + 4 structured 60 minute training sessions

+  unlimited follow up communication after each session.

Sessions must be used within 6 months of date of package purchase.

At the initial consultation, we work with you to create a customized training plan for your dog. We walk you through the whys and hows of working with your dog's unique challenges. Guiding you through a successful management plan while we address how to modify your dog's behaviors through science-based techniques. 

Price $650

Underdog Academy logo.jpg

We Proudly Serve The Underdog

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