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Are you struggling with issues of a feline nature?

Litter box avoidance, fearful behaviors, mouthy, vocal, or the dog-cat relationship not going well?
Fear not! Underdog Academy trainers are also specialized in all things feline. We want to help keep your cat in your home. If that's your goal too, we can provide the support you need to get on the right track, and ensure you and your feline friend can be happy again.


 A happy cat starts with a Consultation utilizing...

  1. In-depth investigation, history gathering, extensive discussion, and most importantly, observation! 

  2. Examination of environmental set up, human-cat interactions, and possible unforeseen stressors

  3. Benefit of immediate recommendations and training plan moving forward to help relieve the issues

Consultation: $175/60-90 minutes

This service includes:

  • Follow up support - 2 weeks of unlimited email/phone communication

  • Immediate guidance on how to help resolve or improve your cat's behavioral issues 

  • Detailed plan including a written summary and customized step by step instructions for ongoing management and long term success ​

  • Compassion and honesty for tough situations​

  • Education and recommendations on all things feline​ to ensure a quality life

  • Discounted secondary consultations if down the road you find the need for our assistance again 


    Ready to get started? 

Fill out our contact form so we can see if a consultation is right for you. 


Our Philosophy 

We center around positive reinforcement training and careful consideration of a cat’s basic needs, daily routine, and environment. Extensive observation and learning has taught us that cats do not display issues out of “spite”, “resentment”, or "being mean spirited". Often times, if an owner is willing to make changes, the cat's behavior can change as well.


About Us

Both Kara and Hannah have spent many years advising and assisting adopters on their feline issues, and gaining hands-on experience. We are also supporting members of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, and are certified Fear Free - Shelter trainers. Hannah is a Certified Cat Trainer through Animal Behavior College, and has completed the Cat Behavior and Retention course through the Humane Society of the United States.

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Supporting Every Underdog

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