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In-person private sessions servicing Silicon Valley and El Dorado County

Virtual consults are available anywhere!

**Check out our Service Areas here!**

We begin with an Initial Consultation

$175/90 minutes

History gathering, behavioral assessment, goal setting, formulating a training plan, recommendations, resources, and email follow up after the initial consult.

Training sessions can continue based on your preference, goals, and needs.

Please see below for our follow up rates and packages.

Behavior Modification

At Underdog Academy, we know there is no such thing as the perfect dog. We strive for overall improvement and well-being so you and your dog can live a happier life. We specialize in training dogs who display...


Barking, lunging, growling at various stimuli

High stress outings and walks - Inability to focus on their handler

Shy, Fearful, and Under Socialized

Fear of new or unfamiliar people - Noise sensitivities - Handling sensitivities

Skittishness - Vocalizing - Bite history

Rude, Rowdy, Jumpy, Mouthy

Excessive & inappropriate mouthing - Inability to settle - Lack of impulse control - High energy and arousal

Canine Essentials

Looking to go back to basics with your dog? Have you recently welcomed a puppy or new dog into your home?  We know the best way to reduce and prevent future problems is by addressing core essential behaviors now including...

Basic manners (Sit, Down, Focus, Targeting, Recall, Stationing, Recall, etc.)

Potty training - Crate training - Isolation distress

Puppy basics & socialization - New dog acclimation & coaching

The dog-child relationship - Multi pet home counseling

Vocalizing - Leash manners

Routine & boundary setting - Confidence building -

Providing proper mental & physical enrichment & more!

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After our Initial Consultation, you can choose...

Individual Follow Up Sessions

 $135/60 min (in-person)

 $125/60 min (virtual)

The Reactivity Package


Initial Consultation + 4 discounted follow up sessions

+  unlimited follow up communication after each session.

*Sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase date*

Following a core program of lessons customized to your dog's individual needs. We walk you through the whys and hows of working with your dog's reactivity. We guide you through implementing management while we address how to modify your dog's behaviors through science-based techniques and reward-based tools.

The Puppy Package

(8 weeks to 18 weeks)


Initial Consultation + 4 discounted follow up sessions

+ unlimited follow up communication after each session.

*Sessions must be used within 4 months of purchase date* 

Perfect for new little ones! This package follows an established curriculum specifically designed to address this critical period of socialization as well as mental and physical development.

While we stay on a guided path including topics such as How Puppies Learn, Manners and Focus Skills, Potty Training, Leave Alone Training, Mental Enrichment, and Play and Bite Inhibition, we will also incorporate your overall goals for your new pup and address any questions you have along the way!

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