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Underdog Academy Dog Training was created to address the undeniable need for positive reinforcement training options for animals who may not fit the impossible mold of “perfect”. From years of shelter experience, we know the most common reasons for owners to seek assistance, rehome, or surrender their pets.

Our goal is to keep your furry companion in your home by providing a positive and structured environment for pets and their parents to become the best version of themselves. 



Underdog Academy Dog Training is owned and operated by two passionate and experienced women who have hands-on knowledge of a variety of canine and feline behaviors in high stress environments. Both Kara Fike and Hannah Senadenos are certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT - KA), and are Fear Free Certified Trainers (FFCP). They possess a great love of learning and sharing their expertise with others. Guided by their efforts in the animal shelter world, they are proud to specialize in dogs who struggle with... 

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Moderate to extreme fear-based behaviors,

Heightened reactivity (barking on leash or through barriers), and

Over-aroused behavior (rowdy, mouthy, jumpiness) in need of impulse control at any age. ​

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