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Shelter and Rescue Support

Are you looking to build a more robust behavioral program in your organization, or simply need assistance on a tough cases? We are very proud to offer discounted services to rescues and shelters, including, but not limited to...

  • In-foster consultations (both in-person and virtual) to help guide and improve critical foster efforts

  • Post-adoption support to set everyone up for success and help ensure retention

  • Developing a progressive sheltering approach such as staff and volunteer training, running playgroups, enrichment programs, adoption education, pre-intake evaluations, optimizing housing, and stress reduction

  • Consultations and advisory support on severe behavioral cases

Looking to add to your referral list?

We provide private in-home training as well as reactivity classes (Sac area only)

Please feel free to connect with us, and share our information in your community.

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