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Not currently available due to COVID restrictions

We can assist with basic manners, obedience, and behavior modification when you are limited on time. This is a packaged service that starts with a 60 minute consultation to determine specific goals for your dog. 

You pick a 2, 3, or 4 week package.


Each week consists of two working 60 minute sessions. We come and train your dog while you are away. 


At the end of each week, our third session is a recap session with you to show the progress and hand the reins back over so you can keep up the learning and maintain those skills!



2 week day train $800

(1 consult + 4 training + 2 recap sessions)


3 week day train $1,100

(1 consult + 6 training + 3 recap sessions)

4 week day train $1,400

(1 consult + 8 training + 4 recap sessions)

Add-Ons for Day Training Packages $100/hr each:

Rowdy Rover   

Is your underdog under exercised? Bursting with energy and needs more outlets than you can provide? We will add an extra hour of physical exertion to help tire out your rowdy rover. 

Remedial Socialization 

No time to have your dog meet new people or explore new places? We will add an extra hour of outdoor exploration and socialization to help build confidence outside your home.

Reactivity in the Real World

Does your dog bark at other dogs and people while out on walks? Banished to the midnight walking club? We will add an hour of real world reactivity training to help calm your canine. 

Underdog Academy logo.jpg

We Proudly Serve The Underdog

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