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Canine Essentials

Do you have a new puppy or dog? Going through the motions of the teenage months? Trying to get a grasp on using a crate, walking nicely on leash, or settling down when you leave?    

 We are happy to help owners with the essentials of canine care and training.

Behavior Modification and Socialization

Is your dog exhibiting more time intensive or challenging behaviors? Are you struggling with uncontrollable rowdiness? Is your dog's reactivity stopping you from simply walking down the street? Does your dog fear their own shadow? 


You're not alone. We know there is no such thing as the perfect dog. At Underdog Academy, we believe your dog CAN learn impulse control, reduce their overreactions, build confidence, and do so much more!

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At Underdog Academy, our clients will receive... 

Personalized support and customized behavior modification plans to address your specific goals

Knowledgeable trainers who practice scientifically proven training methods

 Positive reinforcement training for your beloved pets

Our promise to you... 

We will provide engaging sessions where your dog is treated with kindness and respect

With passion and care, we will guide you to bring out the best in your canine companion

In-Person Service Areas

Please note, if you are outside the service areas, we are happy to accommodate you either virtually or in-person (travel surcharge may apply). 

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